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Tequila Academia

What’s your tequila IQ? Allow me to impart some knowledge. Study carefully, my friends.

VIP Grand Opening Event

What an amazing turn out! Friends from far and wide joined at Taco Guild to celebrate their grand opening. A special thank you to Cartel Coffee LabCruz TequilaTres Agaves and all who were in attendance. Together we raised more than $10,000 for Banner Health Foundation and #breastcancerawareness.

As they say, “A pictures tells a thousand words.” Just look at how much fun we had that evening…

Sneak Peek


The countdown continues…3 days until Taco Guild’s grand opening. Here’s a sneak peek of the masterpiece we’ve created.

Taco Drop #5

Ladies and Gents,

A sincere and heart-felt thank you is in order. It’s with great love and appreciation I share the fruits of my labor. Project G, once a mere concept has developed into a magnificent eatery serving freshly prepared tacos and the worlds most splendid tequilas.

The last Taco Giveaway was proof that our hard work and determination has paid off. Again, thank you for your support. Please enjoy these photographs.

Will you join me?


Please join me at Taco Guild’s VIP event Saturday, November 16. Project G will be in full disclosure as we celebrate the grand opening. Live entertainment, delectable fare and refreshing spirits will fill the night.

Evening festivities begin at 7pm and conclude around the 11 o’clock hour. Visit http://tacoguild.com/VIP/ for your chance to win dinner and drinks for two. You may also secure  seats by purchasing tickets in advance.

I’m anxiously awaiting the grand reveal. Will you join me?


Taco Giveaway #4

Project G has gained much attention. Crowds gathered at Arizona Center last Friday awaiting a freshly prepared Peking duck taco. It received rave reviews. Excitement continues to build as Taco Guild enthusiasts await the grand opening November 18. Will you join me on opening day?

Tequila 101

Nineteen days until my Project G comes to life at the fine pub and eatery, Taco Guild. Because I love tequila, I want all of my friends at Taco Guild to experience the fruit of the agave with me. But first, allow me to share a bit of knowledge gained throughout my tequila connoisseur pursuits.

1. Tequila is made from the blue agave plant, primarily in the area surrounding the city of Jalisco, Mexico including: Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas.

2. Blue agave plants grow particularly well in the blue volcanic soil surrounding this region.

3. Agave plants take 8-12 years to mature.

4. Tequila is classified in two categories –

  • 100% agave. These top-notch tequilas are made entirely from the fermented juice of agave. Meaning all alcohol is a direct result of the fermentation of the agave and only the agave, no supplements are added. The end result is better, smoother tasting tequila.
  • Mixto. As the name implies, these tequilas are a mixture of at least 51% fermented agave juice and fermented sugarcane. Mixto offers a less expensive approach to tequila making, but can compromise flavor and contribute to undesirable hangovers.

5. Tequila was originally used in religious ceremonies and for medicinal purposes. In fact, doctors prescribed tequila to ailing patients during Mexico’s 1918 flu epidemic.

6. Contrary to popular practice, tequila should be sipped slowly, not shot. The intention is to enjoy the fine flavors as they cross your palate.

Take time to enjoy the rich history and smooth flavors of fine tequila. More importantly, sip slowly and drink responsibly.


Taco Drop #3

Ladies and Gents,

Are you ready for your third taste of Taco Guild? This week we’ll be sampling Thai Snapper Tacos at the Civic Center Mall in Old Town Scottsdale. 11:30am, don’t be late!


Arizona Midday

Taco Guild will be on Arizona Midday tomorrow afternoon. Chef Matt is making enough Annatto Braised Chicken Tacos to serve the entire Gannett staff.

Project G is in full force as we continue to prepare for the grand opening. More details to come!

Taco Guild

The unveiling of Project G was seamless. I was able to introduce a new taco and tequila gastropub that I’ve worked closely with. Friends from far and wide came to get a taste of the freshly made tacos the Guild has to offer. A special thank you to Banner Good Samaritan Breast Center for hosting the event. If you missed the first Taco Drop, no need to worry…next week we’ll announce the location of Taco Drop #2. Stay tuned, my friends…greatness is in the works!

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