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Taco Guild infuses new twists into time-tested recipes. Using farm fresh ingredients, the Guild’s culinary artisans mix Old World flavors with New World styles. In reverence to the past, many elements within the Guild are repurposed. From the once-wooden crate menu boards to the eclectic mix of furniture and plateware, Taco Guild welcomes you to experience their Unexpected Tradition.

HAPPY HOURMonday ALL DAY♦ Tuesday-Sunday 2pm-7pm


Fresh Made Guacamole minced jalapeño, cilantro, fresh squeezed lime,
red onion and tomatoes    House 9.25  Grilled Serrano 9.55
Caramelized Pineapple-Mint 10.25 Jalapeño Bacon 10.25
substitute fresh veggies for chips $2.00

Schreiner’s Chorizo Meatballs served in a spicy chipotle prickly pear sauce 8.25

Street Corn grilled corn on the cob, habanero butter, chipotle mayonnaise, Cotija cheese 3.95

*Grilled Shrimp Bruschetta citrus chile shrimp, guacamole, tomato corn salsa on top of house made bruschetta 12.00
substitute cucumbers for bruschetta $1.00

Diablo Eggs Deviled eggs, Schriener’s  chorizo crumble, serrano pepper  truffle oil 8.50

Fundido Oaxaca Monterey jack blend, serrano pepper, caramelized onion, tequila, mushrooms   8.00
+ADD Chorizo 2.00
Guild Chicken 2.00
*Cherry Chipotle Steak 2.00
*Citrus Chile Shrimp 2.00
*House Favorite-Citrus Chile Shrimp & Chorizo 3.00

*Shrimp & Scallop Ceviche  jicama, tomato, fresh citrus, mango, jalapeño, cilantro 12.50

The Conquistador Chef’s choice charcuterie & cheese board served with nuts, jam, mustard and house made bruschetta 15.00
substitute cucumbers for bruschetta $1.00

To Dip or Not to Dip
Guild Single 4.95 | Guild Duo 9.95 | Guild Trio 13.95
Queso fire-roasted green Chile queso
Guacamole avocado, jalapeño, tomato, onion, cilantro, lime, salt and pepper
Borracho Bean Dip borracho beans, chorizo, caramelized onion, serrano peppers



AL PASTOR PORK grilled pineapple, pickled red onion 4.50

PORK CARNITAS red onion, cilantro 4.50

CARTEL COFFEE BEEF  jicama, cilantro, avocado 4.95

GUILD CHICKEN annatto grilled chicken, tomato corn relish, avocado, Oaxaca Monterey jack cheese blend 4.50

VEGGIE seasonally inspired 3.95

*CLANDESTINO SHRIMP citrus chile shrimp, avocado, chimichuri tossed cabbage slaw 4.95

MOLIDA LAMB Creole aioli, bleu cheese, sweet potato hay 4.95

*CHIPOTLE CHERRY STEAK poblano straws, chile aïoli, bleu cheese. 4.95

PATO ASADO beer and chile braised duck, tomato corn relish, avocado, cotija cheese 4.95

MAHI MAHI  achiote marinaded mahi mahi, sweet chili slaw.  4.95

-Taco Plate-
Order 3 Tacos and get a free side | OR Street Corn for $2.75 (excludes daily taco)

SALADS & SOUPHOUSE SALAD mixed greens, beans, corn, tomato-basil relish, cotija cheese. Choice of dressing: ancho balsamic, creamy cilantro, avocado sofrito vinaigrette. 5.25

KALE SALAD seasonal fruit, cotija cheese, spicy pepitas, roasted Anaheim vinaigrette. 10.95

GRILLED ROMAINE SALAD cracked black pepper olive oil, tomato-basil relish, bleu cheese, jalapeño bacon bits, creamy cilantro dressing. 9.95

Al Pastor 6.00 | Pork Carnitas 6.00 |Guild Chicken 6.00
*Cartel Coffee Beef 6.50 | Citrus Chile Shrimp 6.00
Pato Asado 6.50 | Molida Lamb 6.50
*Chipotle Cherry Steak 6.50 | Mahi Mahi 6.50

SOUP OF THE DAY 4.50 cup | 5.25 bowl


BORRACHO RED BEANS topped with Cotija cheese. 2.75



SPECIALS BURRITO Chef’s choice rice, borracho beans, Oaxaca Monterey jack blend,  pico de gallo, choice of a side
Al Pastor 9.95 | Pork Carnitas 9.95 | Veggies 8.95
*Cartel Coffee Beef 10.95 | Guild Chicken 9.95
Citrus Chile Shrimp 13.95 | Molida Lamb 10.95
Pato Asado 10.95 | *Chipotle Cherry Steak 10.95
Mahi Mahi 10.95
Get It Smothered 1.00

CHICKEN ENCHILADAS annatto-braised chicken, house-made corn tortillas,
Oaxaca Monterey jack cheese blend, green chile and tomatillo sauce, sour cream, borracho beans, rice. 11.25

*COFFEE BEEF ENCHILADAS beef, peppers, tomatoes, house-made corn tortillas, Oaxaca Monterey jack cheese blend, birria sauce, avocado, sour cream, borracho beans, rice. 13.25

*SHRIMP ENCHILADAS shrimp, peppers, tomatoes, house-made corn tortillas, Oaxaca Monterey jack cheese blend, green chile and tomatillo sauce, sour cream, borracho beans, rice. 13.95


Made In House By Our Chef’s 
TRES LECHES tres leches milk, mango, whipped cream, mint 6.95

COCONUT CREAM PIE crème anglaise, strawberries 6.95

CHOCOLATE TORTE cashews, almonds, walnuts, cacao, coconut, sea salt 7.95

UDDER DELIGHTS FROZEN TREATS ask your server for flavors of the day 5.95